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How To Determine Which Home Based Business Is Right For You!

In today’s world, who DOESN’T want to make money from home? The 2 primary things at your disposal are that the economy calls for this but also that technology has never made it easier for us! You can literally reach the globe and have things become viral today via Facebook and the power of social networking. It is almost harder to believe that despite these things, the majority of people that get involved STILL fail for some reason. So how do you pick and choose which home based business is proper for you?

1.) Your “Why” – You will need to CLEARLY determine what is motivating you to want to work from home. If your “why” isn’t strong enough, typically you won’t succeed. I’m not talking about “I need the money” type of why. I’m talking about a true passion or desire to succeed at something that you feel you can/will make a difference with. Unlike punching a clock and exchanging your time for money (usually piddly money), working from home REQUIRES consistency and drive to the fullest. You will not continually display this on a consistent basis if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and believe it has a purpose for you and for your customers.

When I quit my “job” and started marketing online full time, I was torn between the “Should I or shouldn’t I” phase. I was making enough money online to justify it but my fear of “what if?” set in. I figured out that my “Why” was due to overwhelming medical bills and having NO chance to pay for them until/unless I did something different. My “job” was capped and my income was capped. Home based businesses are notorious for not “capping” you, your potential or your income. Quite attractive when your “Why” is strong.

2.) Skill – Let’s face it. There is a certain amount of skill required for a particular business opportunity. This is something that I deal with everyday with my students. They want to get into internet marketing but they “Don’t know how to build websites” and many other excuses. Guess what? Either did I! That’s the beauty of these businesses is that although skill might be required, it CAN be learned and improved upon.

I am now building sites, landing pages, sales funnels, blogs, installing plugins, etc. If you would have mentioned these to me years ago, I wouldn’t have even known what they were! So rejoice in the fact that whatever your opportunity is, it WILL require skill that you can improve upon!. The smart “go getter” will pick an opportunity where they are already skilled if possible OR be willing to dive in and learn and not be intimidated by it!

3.) Experience – It isn’t likely that you will have experience in whichever opportunity you decide to get involved in and that is normal I think. When I bring experience up, I am referring to being realistic about YOUR personal experience level with this opportunity you are considering. In other words, just because Ralph down the street is achieving success does NOT mean that you will. Draw your OWN conclusions from your OWN experiences, NOT from Ralph’s experience.

These opportunities are generally only going to share results from their highest achievers. I believe that means the 1 or 2% that actually achieve tremendous success in this opportunity. They are the ones that do the sales pitches and the infomercials and such because they don’t want to tell you about the other 98% that never made a dime. Be realistic and draw YOUR conclusions. Don’t allow outside influence like this distort your perspective of a particular home based business opportunity. Only YOU can draw this conclusion.

4.) Start Up Fees – Many opportunities will ask for and require payment for many different things and reasons. This is normal and shouldn’t scare you away. Businesses require money to start up and require money to build them. However, do NOT blow your budget for any opportunity. If you wish to start or join an opportunity that requires more money than you currently have or can spend, SAVE the money and get involved then. Reason being is this…..you will learn to resent your decision and the opportunity when you don’t see immediate results. It is common for the opportunities to insinuate that if you spend xxxx amount NOW, you can recoup your loss by working the system.

Sometimes this is true and I believe it is always possible but it certainly is not probable. If they try to persuade you to move forward when you resist, I would say that is a red flag. Start up fees should be paid and disbursed and forgotten about. Move forward in your decision and give it an honest effort. This leads me to my next helpful tip….

5.) Seed Planting – When a farmer goes out and plants seeds, they don’t do this so that they can come back tomorrow and see results. They plant the seeds knowing full well that the results might not happen for quite some time. This is how I always treat home based business also. Many get started, they plant some seeds and get some things accomplished, they don’t see immediate results and the bail out. This is a HUGE problem and one of the leading causes of failure in these home based business opportunities in my opinion.

You need to generally give these opportunities adequate time to develop and you need to be smart enough to stick it out for the harvest! You certainly wouldn’t want to be involved in something that yielded immediate results because THAT would most likely be some kind of bogus scam. Instead, moderate results and/or dismal results that continually get better are what you’re looking for. The harvest is waiting and you certainly can’t enjoy it if you bail.

In closing, I’d like to simply point out that it is my opinion that ANY home based business CAN generate a good living for the right person. It is usually the person behind the opportunity promoting it that causes the failure. Self sabotage and “re-inventing the wheel” are SO common. Instead of doing what you were taught, you decide to skip this or talk yourself out of doing that…and the next thing you know, you don’t have anything to show for your efforts.

However, your efforts weren’t done properly so of course your results weren’t good. Now that I have reached the level of success that I have, I can honestly say that there has never been a better time to get involved in home based business. The decision to do this has changed my life completely in all ways and it has done the same for thousands in this poor economy.

I strongly suggest that while evaluating ANY home based business opportunity, you FIRST evaluate yourself because it will most likely be YOU and only YOU that create the failure. We are self sabotaging humans and our loved ones are notorious for not being supportive in these ventures. Surround yourself with others that are successful and ask for help. If you are willing to do the work and go through the motions properly, most that are successful will be more than happy to help you.

They should appreciate that you are striving to learn but do NOT expect them to offer advice and then watch you decide to NOT do what they said or to “modify” it and do it YOUR way. Your “Why” simply needs to be strong enough to do any of these things. If it were as easy as it sounds on paper, nobody would work for anyone and we’d all be working from home. If you don’t have determination and drive to be successful, you won’t. It’s not rocket science! I encourage you to go for it. It sure has made ALL the difference in my life!

3 Simple Strategies for Creating Movement Based Marketing to Grow Your Business

As we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and honor the work he did for civil rights in the United States, I can’t help to pause and pay homage to the marketer that he was. Yes, I said marketer. I am fond of saying that we are not in the business we think that we are in; we are in the business of marketing our products and services. His product was civil rights and equality and he marketed that product with what I like to call “movement-based” marketing. He was able to inspire a group of people to take immediate, consistent action because he positioned himself as a problem solver. He aligned his message to his marketing and created a movement.

A leader is someone who has people following them. As a business owner, you are a leader if you are able to create a product or service that solves a major problem for others and then they will want to follow you to get the solution. While that last statement isn’t news to any business owner, the way in which you go about getting people to follow you should be more experiential if you want to work smarter and not harder to grow your business.

Answer this question for yourself: how would your business be different if you aligned your message to your marketing and created a movement… a group of dedicated clients who attend your events, buy your products, and enroll in your programs? Now this one: how would you be different if your business became a message…a defined strategy for moving people to a level of transformation using your products and services?

In the last four years, I have built my business by creating experiences with my clients, students and prospects. I’m clear that this strategy is the reason we are so successful. To help you begin to do the same with your business, I have three simple tips for you. Take the time to do the corresponding assignment so that you can be one step closer to creating your movement based marketing.

1. Clarify your message. You can’t create a movement without something worthwhile to say. So, think about your vision and mission of your company and take the time to answer the following questions: What does your company do? How does your company do it? What happens when you do this over and over? How are others changed when your company does what it does consistently?

2. Clarify who cares about your message. When you are clear about who wants to hear what you’ve got to say, you’re on your way to create a platform and from your platform you can begin to move the crowd into consistent action toward your ultimate goal for them. Questions to answer: Who do I know who is concerned about the problem I solve? Where do they congregate? How would they like to be told about the solution to their problem? Knowing the exact person that your message is for is key to building a sustainable movement based business.

3. Create a plan for disseminating your message. Plan out when, where and how you will share your message with the audience that wants to hear it. This is your marketing strategy. Engage people who can help you get your message to people who you don’t know that are just like you so that you expand the reach of your message in record time. Do that now, what is the next step you must take to advance your business?

You are a leader. People want to follow leaders who care about transforming the lives and businesses of those who have major problems and have effective solutions to those problems. What are you waiting for?